Educational & Football Programs

Why Portugal

  • Portugal football and footballers is most desired commodity in the world.
  • Wall street calls “Portugal is the best youth football developer in the world”
  • Top footballers factory the world the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, João Félix, Bernando Silva, Luis Figo, Rui Costa, Futre, and the late Legendary Eusébio
  • Safety and quality of life, ranked 4th in the world as the safest country in the world
  • The People of Portugal as know for their hospitality, welcoming attributes and willingness to help foreigners including speaking English
  • Portugal Climate, located on the western most tip or Europe Portugal enjoys moderate sunny days throughout the year
  • Cultural and Historical experience, Portugal is know for its archeological sites of the great Templars as well as the Roman Empire
  • Cost of living and standard of living at affordable prices (cost of food, groceries, and entertainments)
  • Come visit Portugal and enjoy our hospitality like no other country in the world. 
  • Last but not least Portugal has the highest speed Internet services at a very reasonable price

Language Course

We offer Portuguese Language courses in partnership with CIAL, a specialist Language Centre, and that conducts private lessons for the players of our Academy. We will assist you in the admission and visa processes.

Student cum
football program

This program is offered to individuals or players who are looking to have a balance long-term development as a footballer. The student cum football program is designed for the most dedicated and academically inclined players, who are willing to put forth the effort to study hard and play smart in an international recognized university.

  1. Earn a college degree while pursing your football career at the below listed institutes in Portugal or USA.
  2. Online Education in USA for High school or college:
  4. US Colleges online: ,,
  6. (Every state now offers online options at much cheaper rates and IFAPT Shall provide classroom setting and high speed Internet connectivity…
  7. College Education in Portugal @
  8.  , ,,  

US College Soccer
Prep Program and

This is a program for athletes from India, USA, China, Africa or wherever you are from if pursuing US colleges with scholarships we can help you with our partnership with Sports-4me. for more information please send your inquire. 

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