1. What is included in a long term elite training program at IFAPT:

Here is a list of modalities which are included as part of the program:

  • Program is for 10 months
  • Accommodation with all amenities room sharing (two athletes to a room)
  • Three nutritional meals prepared by a cook including snacks in the afternoon.
  • Transfers from Club house to football fields and team training fields
  • 3 morning individual group training sessions and 4 team training sessions based on your capacity or level of competition all with Professional UEFA licensed coaches.
  • Medical and Liability insurance (paid at the time of registration)
  • Gym membership and Physiotherapy care when and if needed
  • Schooling options available (optional at actual costs IFAPT will support with administrative and legal guidance)
  • Players evaluation and Placement recommendations are tryout options to show case the talent in second and third year usually (however if talented can be scouted in the first year too)
  1. How can I register or apply for this program:
  • There is an application in the resource section of the website or please send your request to [email protected] or [email protected] and we shall send you all the details of the registration process.
  1. What is the cost of the long term Elite Training Program:
  • The cost for elite training program varies on the number of months that the student may choose. Please fill in the form on the contact us page and we will provide you with the details
  1. Are there any additional costs which must be aware off:
  • Yes, there are a few additional costs such as:
  • If you are selected by the local clubs and you are Junior players or under 19 you will have to pay the registration fee of 500$ (one time)
  • If you want to renew your visa and or apply for a students visa while in Portugal the advocate fees and process fees are approximately 750$ (at actuals)
  • If you are senior player and if you are registering for the first time you have to pay a ITC fee of 600$ (approximately) if you are a previously registered player and seeking a transfer registration then that fee is 1400$ (approximately)
  • All medical costs above and beyond the insurance coverage are the responsibility of the athlete.
  1. How can I apply to one of the colleges in Portugal? What is the admission process and fees?
  • All the different colleges who offer English medium of teaching and different courses are all on the website or you can do a quick Google search in Lisbon area where our academy is located.
  • All colleges offer different options and accept international students admissions until August.
  • We can support you once you are registered with us thru this process and help you with the necessary documentation.
  • The admissions registration fees are around (500 to 600 euros/dollars)
  • Standard tuition fees are approximately 6500 euros to 7500 Euros per year. (European colleges are differently organized as far as the teaching curricula is concerned)
  1. Why chose Portugal as your destination when you have all the other European options:
  • First and foremost Portugal is know to have developed some of the world best footballers in recent times and heading back 50 years ago, the likes of Eusébio, Figo, and Ronaldo who have gone on to win the most prestigious footballers awards in the world as the best footballers of their times. This is based on a proven and tested training methodology that is consistently followed by Portuguese coaches around the world.
  • Football is the most popular sport in Portugal and an integral part of the countries DNA. Recent research shows that Portugal was named the most impressive country to develop young players.
  • Portugal has fantastic weather unlike the rest of European countries for 365 days of the week, also great food and hospitality.
  • Portugal cultural and historical experiences will forever be part of your life. It’s the western most country of European continent and enjoys the best beaches in the world.
  • Portugal is ranked one of the safest countries in the world with great traditions and very friendly people and speaks English and true melting pot with different races and world citizens living in harmony with each other. (Portugal ranked 4th in the world and USA ranked 65th in the world)
  • The costs of living and affordable groceries and eating out make Portugal very desirable country.

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