Training Program

Our IFAPT training program is built to offer the athlete the best football experience of his life by learning the Portuguese way of football, and by experiencing the Portuguese culture, the passion and Portuguese way of life.

The program is conducted in partnership with licensed UEFA Coaches, Certified Sports Trainers, and Physiotherapists and other professionals to provide an exciting and artistic brand of Portuguese football.

The Program Stages


Individual Group Training

8 sessions per week design to meet the needs at physical, technical and tactical levels of each athlete. The morning sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of each player, and focus on giving tools to the athlete in order to better solve the various situations of the game, through their technical skills and their insight into the game.


Team Training

Team-level development stage where a player is introduced in a team-training environment and participates in all activities and day-to-day club team training. This training component integrates the players into one of the local partner football clubs.


Fitness Training

The player engages in specific sports functional training program to gain reinforcement and physical component in order to be more prepared to meet the demands of training and competition and, to prevent possible future injuries.


Overall Program Objective

It is our intention that the athlete who chooses this program can enjoy the very best professional experiences in Portugal, so he will be integrate in a team that specifically fits his level and age group. The program gives special attention to detail, each player at this tactical functional development stage. The individual or group technical tactical functional training sessions are directed to the player’s needs. Every player goes through a thorough evaluation pre and post-season training program.


Technical-Tactical Program objective

Skills – to develop a better ball control in order to give the player more solutions during each game situation.
Principles of the Game – to develop a better understanding of the game, in offensive, defensive, and transitional processes of the game.
Offensive-Defensive Individual Actions – To develop the player´s ability in reception, anticipation, interception, driving, dribbling, passing, shooting, heading, and tackling. All of this individual actions will be developed in an integrated way for the player to develop his technical level in each game situation, and allowing him to make wiser decisions and more successful in situations with opposition.
Specific positional training – We make it a priority to guide and train the player to a specific position based on his performance and recommendation from our experienced Portuguese coaching staff.


Fitness Program components

Active Physical Recovery – active process that makes the recovering from fatigue to be more efficient.
Balance and Flexibility – dynamic work that allows the players to be less prone to injuries.
Strength and Power – to develop the musculature of the core area and the upper and lower body as well.
Running Technique and Coordination – to help the player in developing the efficacy of each action of the game.
Speed and Agility – to make the player more agile and faster in each action of the game.


Nutrition and Hydration counseling

The players go thru thorough personal consultations to identify their nutritional needs and guide them to meet the demands of the game.


Physiotherapeutic monitoring

We provide the players with the best and latest technology in sports medicine, to recover and heal any physical injuries. The program also provides a medical insurance coverage just incase of any mishap while playing or training at the academy.

International Football Academy de Portugal